How to Clean Car Interior Scratches | The Detailed Guide

how to clean car interior scratches

Not only does a clean car look great, but it also feels fantastic to get in and drive. Part of keeping your car clean is learning how to clean car interior scratches. In this detailed guide, we’ll show you how to do just that!

There are a few different ways that you can clean car interior scratches, depending on the severity of the scratch. For light scratches, you can use a polishing compound or a rubbing compound. For deeper scratches, you’ll need to use a sanding block. Cleaning car interior scratches and scuff marks are a great way to restore the original look of your car. 

The thing is, scratches can easily be removed with a few household products. So, you don’t need to go to the auto shop and pay a fortune to have scratches fixed.

In order to clean car interior scratches, you need to know that the material used to protect your car can leave a scratch after a while. So, cleaning the material in your car is crucial in order to get rid of these annoying marks.

In this article, we provide you with complete guidelines about how to clean and prevent interior scratches on your car

How to clean car interior scratches from Dashboard and Doors

One of the most visible parts of your vehicle is the dashboard. It’s also the hardest to keep clean. It can get dirty very easily. If you have any scratches on your dashboard, you might be wondering how you can clean them.

Car owners who are going to clean the dashboard and doors of their vehicles must ensure that they are using quality products. This is because many cleaning products will damage the finish of your vehicle’s dashboard and doors. In fact, they may cause your dashboard and doors to crack or peel off.

The technique for removing scratches is to clean them. Use water and soap to clean the scratch. Once it has been cleaned, rub a bit of mineral oil on it. This will make the paint look better.

After that, let it dry. If you have any other car parts that are scratched, follow the same process. If your paint is still chipping, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water.

Tools and Materials needed for Removing Scratches 

Rohitangshu Das

We describe the tools and materials needed to remove scratches from a car or any other surface. It includes a step-by-step guide to remove scratches from cars, boats, and other surfaces.

For professional work, we need to invest some money in these tools that you can buy online or near market

  • Heat gun 
  • Interior grain pad 
  • Sandpaper 
  • plastic scratch polish kit

The following method is used to remove scratches from the interior of your car

Method#1 Using a heat gun

If you want to remove scratches from the paint on your car, you can buy a heat gun. Heat guns are small tools that can easily be placed in the palm of your hand. It works like a blow torch. To use a heat gun, all you have to do is to heat up the tip with electricity.

When you are using the heat gun, make sure that you place it against the spot where you want to remove the scratch. Once the temperature is reached, you must press the trigger button to keep the heat gun working.

You should never heat a surface until it loses its texture. If you keep heating and cooling the surface too quickly, it may burn. You should heat the surface for only a few seconds and not longer than that. Do not heat the surface for more than five minutes.

If you continue heating for too long, the paint will melt. When you are done heating, you should use your fine sandpaper to sand off the surface. After that, clean the surface once again.

Method#2 Use a plastic scratch polish kit

There are different kinds of car scratch kits available in the market. Many of these kits contain two kinds of products. These include a rubbing compound and a polish.

If you are looking for the best way to restore your car’s plastic surface, you might consider using these kits. With the kit, you don’t need to buy any sandpaper and you can polish the scratched surface easily.

The first step you need to take when you are cleaning your car’s exterior is to remove the dirt. You should use a soft microfiber towel to remove the dust and dirt from your car’s plastic surface. You can then clean the surface with a product that will clean your car’s plastic surface.

You can use a rubbing compound and a polishing compound. Both of these products are included in most auto care kits. Use one of the products on the surface of your car. Rub the compound onto the surface. You should work with caution when you are applying the compound.

The compound should be applied slowly so that it spreads evenly. Once you have rubbed the compound into the surface, you can remove the excess compound using a soft microfiber towel.

 Method#3 Interior grain pads or putty knife

If you want to fill in deep scratches on your vehicle, there are a few methods that you can use. The most popular way is to apply an auto-body filler. You will first need to sand down the areas around the scratches with fine-tooth sandpaper.

Once the scratch is smoothed out, you can apply auto-body filler. You will need a putty knife to spread the putty into the scratch. Make sure that the paint is dry before you use the putty knife, otherwise, you will scratch the paint! After applying the putty, you should sand it smooth again with fine-tooth sandpaper.

You can use the same process to fill in scratches on the leather, vinyl, or wood trim. You can also apply a clear coat over the area you filled in, to make it look better.

How to prevent car interior scratches in future 

Car scratches are a common problem that almost everyone has encountered in his or her life. Scratches on your car are caused by many different things. A small scratch can be the result of a minor accident. Other times, it may be the result of something much larger.

The following are some effective ways to prevent car scratches. If you park your car in direct sunlight, you must regularly wipe off your car. Even if you park your car in the shade, it is still a good idea to wipe off your car to make sure that it doesn’t collect too much dust. Wiping your car down will help you to prevent scratches from being developed.

Also, try to keep your kids away from your car as much as possible. This will also help your car look clean. If your kids make a mess, you might not notice it until it is too late. 

Another way,  you should use a cleaning product that will keep the inside of your car clean. You need to use one of the special polishes that are designed to protect your car’s interior from getting scratched.

You can apply this product to your car’s interior regularly. It’s important to wash your car using a proper cleaning solution. 


Can car detailers remove interior scratches?

Yes, it is true that a car detailer can get scratches on the outside of a car.

Does toothpaste remove scratches from plastic?

Toothpaste won’t remove scratches from your car, but it can help to prevent them.

How do you restore plastic inside a car?

There are many ways to restore plastic. You can use a blow torch to melt the plastic. You can also use an acetylene torch. You can also use heat from a hair dryer.


After reading the above article, you should be able to conclude that how to removing scratch marks from a vehicle’s plastic trim is a fairly easy task. You just need to know the correct way of doing it. If you don’t do it right, it may ruin the look of the plastic trim.

In addition, you need to make sure that you follow the instructions and directions given to you. The car manufacturers want you to do it right. They don’t want you to ruin the plastic trim on their vehicles.

It is important to find a professional cleaning company that has a lot of experience. The best way to get the job done is to have the right equipment and the proper materials. You can use a cotton swab, a soft cloth, or a car brush to do the job.

The process of removing the scratches may be very slow and tedious. It might take several hours or even days to get all the scratches removed.

There are different methods of removing scratches from the plastic trim on your car’s dashboard. You can choose any one of the methods and follow it as per the instructions. All the methods are easy to carry out.

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