How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car: Tips for Powerful Car Audio Bass

how to make Subs Louder Outside the Car

Are you yearning for the heart-pounding bass that reverberates beyond your car’s confines? Embrace the How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car: Tips for Powerful Car Audio Bass exhilaration of sharing your thumping music experience with the world outside!

Making your subs louder outside the car requires strategic adjustments and a deep understanding of audio principles. 

This ultimate guide explores essential tips and tricks to maximize your subwoofer’s impact beyond the vehicle’s boundaries.

From optimizing subwoofer settings to ingenious positioning and amplification techniques, prepare to captivate audiences with a bass experience that leaves them spellbound.

How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car: 6 Steps to Follow  

How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car

Making your car’s subwoofers louder for an impressive sound outside involves intelligent adjustments to your audio settings and subtle modifications to the subwoofer setup.

Below are the six steps you can follow:

Optimize Subwoofer Enclosure:

Your subwoofer’s enclosure type dramatically impacts how much bass it produces. Different portions, like bandpass, sealed, or port sections, have distinctive qualities.

Research which enclosure type best suits your preferences and consider acquiring or constructing a custom enclosure.

Enhance Sound Deadening:

Apply sound-deadening materials inside the trunk or subwoofer housing to prevent sound loss and improve bass response. This containment minimizes bass loss when it reaches outside.

Tune the System:

Precisely adjust your audio system to achieve optimal sound output. If you lack experience in audio tuning, consider seeking assistance from a professional car audio installer to maximize bass potential.

Modify Subwoofer Settings:

Most car audio systems offer equalizer settings that allow you to tweak bass levels. Locate your car’s stereo equalizer or audio settings and raise the bass or subwoofer levels.

Remember, balance is critical to avoiding sound distortion from excessive bass.

Inspect Wiring and Power Supply:

Ensure the subwoofer receives sufficient power and the wiring is correctly connected to prevent signal or muscle loss.

Be Mindful of Local Rules:

Before making any changes, adhere to local noise regulations, as some areas may have strict guidelines regarding loud music and excessive noise.

How do you position a subwoofer in a car?

Make Subs Louder Outside the Car – Tips for an Explosive Experience

How to make your car sound better with a subwoofer?

Strategic Positioning:

Properly position the subwoofer to optimize sound dispersion. Placing the subwoofer near walls or corners can amplify bass by using surrounding surfaces to reflect and project sound.

Emphasize EQ Settings:

Utilize the equalizer’s settings to accentuate lower frequencies, particularly the bass. Many car audio systems offer a bass boost feature that can be adjusted to enhance the subwoofer’s output.

Opt for Ported Enclosures:

Choose ported or vented enclosures to optimize bass output, improving subwoofer efficiency for a louder, more powerful sound.

Sound Deadening for Clarity:

To enhance sound quality, apply sound-dampening materials to your car’s interior, especially in the trunk area where the subwoofer is installed.

Consider a Subwoofer Array:

For a more substantial bass increase, set up multiple subwoofers in an array configuration, creating an immersive and louder bass experience.

Things That Make Car Subwoofers Sound Louder

When making your car subwoofers sound louder, several factors come into play. Understanding these essential elements can help you achieve that heart-pounding bass you crave. Let’s explore the things that can make your car subwoofers sound louder and more impressive than ever before while keeping them outside the vehicle for all to enjoy:

Amplifier Power:

The amplifier’s power is one of the most crucial factors in increasing the volume and impact of your car subwoofers. A high-quality and powerful amplifier can provide the necessary wattage to drive your subwoofers with authority, resulting in louder and more dynamic bass. Also, read about whether a car amplifier improves sound quality or not.

Subwoofer Size and Design:

Larger subwoofers generally have more surface area to move air, translating to increased bass output. Additionally, the design of the subwoofer enclosure plays a significant role in determining how efficiently the subwoofer produces sound. Opting for a ported or vented enclosure can further enhance the loudness of your subwoofers. What about using subwoofers without amplifiers in a car? Have you tried things before?

Proper Wiring and Connection:

Ensure the wiring and connections between the amplifier and subwoofers are done correctly and securely. Loose or improper links can lead to power loss and diminished bass performance.

Sound Damping:

Applying sound-damping materials to your car’s interior can reduce vibrations and rattling caused by intense bass, resulting in a cleaner and louder bass response.

Adjusting the Crossover:

The crossover settings on your car audio system direct specific frequency ranges to different speakers. By fine-tuning the crossover, you can ensure that the subwoofers handle the lower frequencies efficiently, leading to a more pronounced and louder bass.

Bass Boost and EQ Settings:

Explore the bass boost and EQ settings on your car stereo. Increasing the bass levels and adjusting the equalizer to emphasize lower frequencies can significantly enhance the overall loudness of your car subwoofers.

Proper Phase Alignment:

Maintaining proper phase alignment between your subwoofers and other speakers in your car audio system is crucial. This ensures that the sound waves from different speakers reinforce each other instead of canceling out, resulting in a more cohesive and powerful bass.

Quality of Audio Source:

The quality of the audio source you’re playing also impacts how loud your car subwoofers sound. Higher-quality audio files with ample bass content will deliver a more robust and impactful bass response.

By considering these factors and making the necessary adjustments, you can unleash the full potential of your car subwoofers and enjoy a genuinely mesmerizing bass experience that leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.

Remember to experiment with these settings and configurations to find the perfect balance that suits your preferences and the acoustics of your car. Embrace the world of powerful bass and immerse yourself in a music journey like never before!

Additional tip: bad or low-quality speakers may sound bad at high volumes.

Proper Guide On How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car

FAQs How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car

How to make a car sound louder?

Are there any local noise regulations to consider when making car subs louder outside the car?

Yes, be mindful of local noise rules to avoid legal issues.

What type of subwoofer enclosure is better for louder bass?

Ported enclosures offer louder bass, while sealed enclosures provide precise bass.

Does the quality of audio files affect subwoofers’ loudness in the car?

Yes, higher-quality audio files result in louder and more precise bass.

Can a more powerful amplifier make car subs sound louder?

Yes, a powerful amplifier can increase bass volume.

Do larger subwoofers sound louder in-car audio systems?

Yes, more giant subs generally produce louder bass.

Around 80 Hz is commonly recommended for impactful bass.

Do shallow subs provide louder bass in cars?

Shallow subs may be quieter than larger ones.


With these expert tips and tricks, you can transform your car’s subwoofers into an outdoor bass powerhouse! Fine-tune your subwoofer settings, position it strategically, and consider your surroundings to enjoy extraordinary bass inside and outside your vehicle. 

Prioritize safety, sound quality, and consideration for others while experimenting with your car audio system.

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