How to stop car windows from fogging up in winter | 6 Techniques

How to stop car windows from fogging up in winter

Automobile window fogging is one of the worst problems you can face on the road. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable to encounter this issue. It can be dangerous as well. If the visibility is affected, you may end up crashing into something.

It may be impossible to drive your vehicle safely. That’s why it’s important to look at the various methods to stop fogging your windows. To avoid fogging, you must know how it happens. Fog is caused by condensation.

When water vapor comes in contact with a cold surface, it comes into the fog. When driving in the winter, you will come across many areas where water vapor can contact your car windows.

It’s a good idea to have a clear view of the road ahead when you drive. This will allow you to avoid accidents. It is vital to check the weather before you leave home. The temperature outside may be low and the humidity high.

If this is the case, keeping your vehicle windows clear is essential to prevent fog from forming. This will help to keep the inside of your vehicle clean. You can buy a de-fogging kit to get rid of fogging. You can keep your windows clear by keeping your windshield and rear window clean.

Here we provide complete guidelines about how to stop car windows from fogging in winter, which include some techniques to do the job efficiently.


How to stop car windows from fogging up in winter | 6 Easy Methods

We show you how to clean your car windows and clear of condensation in winter, even if you live in a cold country. We provide tips and tricks to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

So here are some important Methods to make your automobile fog and moisture free during driving.

Method#1 First clean your car window

The first thing you do is clean your car windows. Dirt and dust can accumulate on your vehicle windows and fog up the glass. It would help if you washed your windows at least once a week. Window cleaning solutions can help perform this job easily.

This will help you clean the dirt, dust, and grime. It will also help you make your windows more transparent. You can use a soft cloth to wipe the windows. You can use a squeegee or another cleaner to remove the dirt.

Some people put plastic bags over their windows to prevent dirt from sticking to them.

Method#2 Warm up the car engine first 

Before starting the car, it is necessary to warm up the engine. Warming the engine up will help prevent your windshield from fogging up. Start the engine and turn it on to full power. Then, drive the car for about 10 to 15 minutes until the engine is warmed up.

Once the engine is warmed up, start the car’s heater. Keep the heater on high for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Method#3 Anti-fog spray

If you have fogged up your glass, you need to spray anti-fog on it to remove the fog. Use an anti-fog spray with a trigger-spray bottle. You can find trigger-spray bottles in any local hardware store.

You must spray anti-fog on your window and wipe it with a clean cloth. Wait for about 30 seconds, and then wipe the window again. After a few wipes, you will see your window getting clearer. You repeat the process until the window is clear. 

 Method#4 Shaving cream 

If you need to clean a window, use small shaving cream and a clean cloth to wipe down the window. Then move from the top down and apply pressure with your fingers. It would help if you repeated this until the fog disappeared. You can continue with this process until your car is completely fog-free.

It can be a little messy, but it works well. You can try this simple trick when you are cleaning your car.

Method#5 Avoid recirculating the warm air

When you drive in cold weather, you should avoid recirculating the warm air around the vehicle. This is because the air that is already warmed up gets blown back into the vents. This warm air can cause the window to fog up.

The best way to avoid recirculating the warm air is to open the windows whenever you drive in cold weather. You can also turn the fan on high.

Method# 6 Use a chalkboard eraser

One of the ways to do this is to remove the fog using a chalkboard eraser. You can find a chalkboard eraser at most hardware stores. Just make sure that the eraser is made from chalkboard material. This eraser can remove the fog on the windshield whenever you drive in cold weather. All you have to do is apply the eraser to the fog and rub it over the surface. The eraser will stick to the glass and remove the fog. Once you’ve removed the fog, you can clean the eraser with a paper towel.

How to stop car windows from fogging up in winter

How to wash the window so it won’t fog up again?

We’ll teach you how to wash the window so it won’t fog up again using a few simple Steps.

First, wash the window with a clean rag and soap.

Then, spray some water on the window and let it dry.

You should be sure that the window is completely dry before you put on the curtains.

If you use a cloth, wash it with hot water.

Be careful when you are using a sponge.

If you use a sponge, you should be sure that the sponge is clean.

Also, be sure that your sponge is dry before you use it.

Use a soft towel to wipe the car window.

Also, ensure you do not use any cleaning products or abrasives.

Finally, make sure that you are using a clean cloth or rag.

You should also be sure that the cloth or rag is clean and has no dirt. If you follow the abovementioned scenario and wash your car window, the glass can not become foggy again.

How Can I avoid car windows from fogging up in winter?

If you want your windows to stay clear when it is cold out, you can always turn on the heater in your car. This will help you to keep the cold air outside your car. You will not have to worry about your car windows becoming foggy.

However, remember that your car window heater should only be used when the weather is cold. Otherwise, your heater may freeze the inside of your car. Be sure to check the weather forecast before starting your car.


Why do my car windows fog up when it’s cold?

It’s because of the water in the air that comes into the car. The air is colder than the water, so it condenses on the windows.

How do I dehumidify my vehicle in the winter?

The best way to dehumidify your car in the winter is to get an automobile cover. Car covers help keep your vehicle cool by keeping the sun off.

Why is my vehicle always full of condensation?

The reason is that the heater or air conditioner is not working properly. If the heater is not working, the car will get cold very quickly, and this will cause the water vapor in the air to condense on the inside of the car.

Can you spray de-icer the night before?

Yes, you can use the de-icer the night before.

What can I put on my windshield to repel water?

You can use a product called Rain-X. This product will prevent any moisture from getting inside your car.

Final Verdict

It is important to check your car’s window regularly for frost and condensation. If you notice that there is water on the inside of your car’s windows, you’ll want to use the abovementioned techniques to stop car windows from moisture in winter.

You will want to keep as much moisture as possible out of your car. Cold and hot air meet in your car’s cabin, causing the moisture on the outside of your car to build up. Condensation forms when this moisture hits the cold interior of the car. Once it has formed, it will run down your windshield, fogging it.

Our research is done here. Now it’s your turn to make your window Fogg-free.

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